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Juliet Mike X-Ray” is available for hire at Albury Airport
·        Nic Newman
·        0408 270792
Pilots must have:
·        Full PPL or better
·        Current Medical & Flight Review
·        Completed a Check flight in JMX
Cost: $198/Hr Wet (Inc GST), Based on Taco time. Plus any Landing charges relating to the flight.

VH LSE is a 2002 Cessna 172SP with a 180hp engine.

It is NVFR and IFR, it has a King TSO GPS, two VOR's and ILS.

The manual states it will cruise at around 120 knots at 40Lph

Hire rate is $199 incGST per hour wet. This includes headsets, maps and charts.

Contact: Aaron Martyr

M: 0428 572 331 h: 02 6026 7065



If you have any comments or ideas please Email: Albury & District Aero Club inc