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If you are happy to take a turn catering, please speak with or email

Lynda M: 0409 743 861, E:

to make sure you are added to the list.


31st July 2015, - , Bar (Michael T)

28th August 2015, - , Bar (Nic)

25th September 2015, - , Bar (Gavin)

30th October 2015, - , Bar (Grahame C)

27th November 2015, - , Bar (Michael T)

XMAS Party December 2015


If you cannot cater on your night please make sure you organise/swap with someone who can and let Lynda know.

If no-one is avaliable then sausages and bread will be the meal of the night.


If you have any comments or ideas please Email: Albury & District Aero Club inc